Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tracy Twyman @ BOA

Full Preview: We kick things off by getting an update from Tracy Twyman on what she's been up to since her first appearance on BoA:Audio back in the Spring of 2009. We also discuss the current state of the economy in 2011 and how it compares to where Tracy thought it would be, back in 2009, when she first appeared on the program. She explains how the IMF's austerity measures are effecting the populations of countries in Europe that are deeply in debt.
This leads to discussion on when things will come around to drastically affect the United States and Tracy tells us about how the US dollar is on the precipice of being dropped as the world's reserve currency. She also details the insane levels of intricacy surrounding the 'global supply chain,' which sees goods shipped all over the world for reasons that aren't exactly necessary for the development of the end product. Tracy also reveals what has changed in the world, since her last appearance, which has made her feel better about the financial outlook for the world.
From there, we dive in to Tracy's new book, Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge, and she details how it constitutes the next step in her study of the alchemical influences on the economy. Tracy takes us back to early alchemy and details how stories of child sacrifice and ancient Gods were influential on the study of alchemy and seems to have laid the metaphorical groundwork for the economic system in which we currently live. She explains this theory via a number of examples where the future is sold to pay for the present.
This leads to some insight on the Golden Age of Saturn and how Tracy sees it fitting into the world of alchenomics. Tracy ponders the idea that society is being engineered to conjure a new Golden Age, of sorts. We then turn to discussion on time and how it has become commodified in this new economic world. Along the way, we delve into Christmas & Saturnalia and how they connect to Tracy's concept of alchenomics. From there, we contemplate how ancient rituals seem to continue to play themselves out in our contemporary times.
Tracy also shares the chilling tale of alchemist Thomas Flamel and how his story suggests that he used child sacrifice in rituals. Somehow this leads to discussion on Tracy's father, Rich And Famous, and his stance that people should be allowed legal ownership of their organs for future use. This leads to us pondering why the human race cannot seem to break free of the economic system that has been imposed on it. Tracy also details the legend of the Lord of the Earth and how it ties into the paradox of people working for a massive conspiracy that may not be complete until long after they are dead.
Looking at the 'science' of alchemy, we ponder the idea that perhaps it is actually derived from the science of an ancient advanced civilization that lost over the ensuing centuries. Getting back to the Age of Saturn concept, Tracy talks about how she sees it fitting into the Noah's Ark story. We then find out about Tracy's skepticism about monatomic gold and the original outcry her stance received when she first voiced it.
The conversation then turns back to the world today, the current state of the economy, and how Tracy thinks things may unfold from here. Tracy also shares her practical advice on how to survive the economic collapse. We then get Tracy's take on the Road to Roota theory that Bix Weir detailed on a previous edition of BoA:Audio. We also examine the idea of a separatist United States and if that concept would create a more viable nation. This leads to Tracy talking about how the continuous attempts to stop the impending economic collapse are really just wasting time before the rebuilding recovery phase can begin.
Heading towards the close, we consider how 2012 may tie in to Tracy's ideas about the Golden Age of Saturn and the economic collapse, which leads to some talk about the moon-based calendar as well as the 'new Zodiac' meme from January. Nearing the end, Tracy tells us some of the signs to look for as the economic collapse reaches its nadir. Tracy also revisits events that have happened since her last appearance as an example of how scary events have happened and we are just used to them now. Wrapping up our conversation, we find out what's next for Tracy Twyman as 2011 unfolds, including an exciting trip to Turkey later this year. And, on a final note, she shares one more bizarre arcane connection between the economy and 2012.

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