Tuesday, April 26, 2011

... of Gods and Aliens

Lately I've been inundated by Ancient Astronaut theories galore. It's not that I don't have respect for the idea that an ancient, highly evolved band of 'outsiders' influenced our ancestors. Anything is possible in a world where people can make their phones turn on the lights or start up their car. However, there is one thing that just never seems to gel for me:

Gods being explained away as Extraterrestrials. 

I mean, right off the bat the very definition of 'extraterrestrial' can explain away a whole host of things that are not of this earth. So, I am not saying the description is wrong. What I am saying is that maybe referring to every god from every culture as some E.T.,---thereby denoting their god-like status--- is a bit... unrealistic.

What I mean to say is what really and truly separates GODS from ALIENS? And why can't one be a descriptor for the other and the reverse?

I do not subscribe to the theory that our ancestors were idiots. I never have and never will. The fact that they were capable of comprehending whatever it was these so-called 'ancient astronauts' had to teach them speaks volumes. Just look around you. Not everyone can grasp Quantum Physics. Hell, some people can't even grasp basic Algebra!

If our ancestors had 'help' building the pyramids, it doesn't make it any less likely that they were able to comprehend the skill behind creating such enigmas. Simply put, our ancestors were capable and those that came down and aided them knew it.

So who were those that came down?

In ancient texts around the world they are referred to as Gods. And what are Gods? All seeing, all knowing. Beings of immense power and influence. Beings who could traverse worlds, evoke fear in lesser beings, accept and invoke worship, create and destroy. Gods in the classic sense through and through.

For what is a god if not a 'man-made' creation? *Intellectuals take note.

Today, with advancements in Science we have separated God (any god) from the life equation. Since we can do it under a microscope than what good is some omnipotent, omniscient creator? The fact is our ancestors couldn't do such things. Such great allusions were left to the incomprehensible and to them those that resided between magic and myth were beyond imagining.

Whatever those beings were, they were Gods. They were the classical gods of epic poems and re-contextualized scriptures. Our ancestors knew what they were bowing down to. Angels and other less beings were straight away relegated to their place as more powerful than humanity, but less powerful, still, than the gods. There was a hierarchy.

So, if there was a level to the greatness, than it seems unfair that Ancient Astronaut theorists should straight away jump to conclusions that posit our ancestors couldn't tell exceptionally smart beings from space apart from incredibly powerful world builders from beyond.

Maybe there is no difference. Maybe Gods and E.T.'s are one and the same. Maybe there is a place in the future that we will come to... a precipice that we will stand on that lies between our Humanity and Godliness. Maybe the only thing that separates us from them and them from gods is a matter of time and perspective.

Or, maybe the gods in their flying ships are simply 'alien' in context, much like a person who is born in America and moves to Sweden is still an American. When I was a child, space was heaven and god was no different than the myriad of life forms I speculated populated the worlds within the Dark Matter. Even still, they were greater than me and I would never reach over like Adam and touch the finger of my creator and should my creator happen to be a simple E.T. with a penchant for world building, then so be it. But he/she is still a god because that's the only descriptor that fits.

It's the only title I can believe in.

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Rich said...

It's incredibly wrong, to say the least, to be left wondering about yourself, others and EVERYTHING....dropped off in a somewhat brief or eternal who, what, where, why and how, but here we are and have been. Congratulations.

God or gods, ET, each other, etc, etc, etc...the only difference is in the degree and all of the screwing (I can get quite "dirty" here but lets keep this more closer to "family hour")... I mean nothing to wonder over really, but we do like to "have fun," and not to mention celebrate whatever.

It is almost all like individual/mass stockholm syndrome. We live and carry on in bullshit and go on as if it is all quite normal...perhaps celebrating things/people that well...why go on. Just leave it at this: IT IS ALL CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy at the very least.