Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Ashley and Kinga rock on.

I've been hooked to the adventures of Historian Ashley Cowie on Syfy's LEGEND QUEST, not so much because the guy knows his stuff, but mostly because when Cowie hits a dead end I start to wonder. I wonder how come someone really powerful hasn't taken Cowie's clues and taken the next step?

If Moses staff is in the wall of that old church, why hasn't someone tried to retrieve it? If that is the Excalibur, sitting on a shelf in a museum for so long, why isn't anyone studying it more thoroughly? The Spear of Destiny at Area 51? Attention Ufologists! (It was actually noted that Cowie and Producer Kinga Philipps did not film at Area 51. They never would have gotten that close to the gate anyway.)

And now it seems that Mr. Cowie may have stumbled upon the Stone of Scone itself. I waited patiently till the end of the show to hear Cowie say that the stone was retrieved and being returned to its rightful place to be studied for further proof that it is, in fact, the coronation stone. Instead, the stone will take YEARS to study. Really? And by whom? Worst of all, the media hasn't even covered the discovery.

At least not yet. The episode did just air tonight, so it may take a bit, but I guess I am just curious as to how Cowie can stumble upon new leads and stories tied to ancient mysteries we've all read about thousands of times and never heard anything new about?

How many times can you hear about Hitler and the Spear of Destiny? But hearing that the Spear may be at Area 51? Epic. The Staff of Moses as a conduit of water power, used by a tribe that was gifted in just that--- finding water. I mean, this stuff you can't make up and yet Cowie hands it to you as if it's common knowledge.

To say the show excites the inner, wanna-be Archaeologist in me is an understatement. If LEGEND QUEST does anything it inspires all the arm chair enthusiasts to find new sources of info instead of rehashing the same old propaganda. Best of all, Cowie is joined by Kinga Philipps who always keeps his head above water so he doesn't dig himself too deep into the mystery... so deep that he can't see what lies ahead.

The mysteries of the ancient world have been spun into complicated legends that lend themselves to unbelievable heights of suspension in belief, and yet Cowie reminds us that sometimes the answer is right in front of your face. And why wouldn't they be?

Many of these legends happened on this planet and were spun and woven in the very threads of our existence. To think our forefathers/mothers wouldn't leave us clues in which to navigate these stories and to be able to pick the truth from the malarky is absurd thinking.

Many of the legends Cowie encounters have to do with relics that were hidden because their power was too much to be trusted in the hands of ordinary or lesser men. But that doesn't mean someone worthy couldn't just uncover them and continue the destiny or prophecy. Eventually all mysteries are solved.

My only hope is that Ashley Cowie goes above and beyond, to search for the final resting place of Queen Boudicca, El Dorado or hey, even Atlantis. Whatever he does I will be watching because finally there's an adventure show on television that actually finds shit. And even when it doesn't it leaves the flood gates open to inquiry so someone else can continue the journey.

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