Wednesday, January 17, 2007

An interview with BRIAN VIKE:

10 - What would you say to a young man that intends to be an Ufology searcher? What are the most important points that an Ufology searcher has to learn to do a good job?
Here is where I may differ from other UFO investigators and researches. It doesn't take a lot to become a Ufology searcher as far as I am concerned. A young man or woman can enter the field of Ufology with just some simple ideas, such as treat every witness with respect, protect their identity, and most of all make sure they reply to a witness who writes or calls. The rest they will learn along the way and come up with what works best for themselves. I have never had any personal training from any group; I hadn't a clue how to go about investigating a UFO sighting. But one learns fast if one has a passion for the topic. Also because I do get asked a lot, be willing to spend a lot of time and your own money looking into the subject.

(Your standard interview, but it's cool nonetheless.)

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