Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today I set out to do what I do every saturday...besides laundry. I watched every single UFO/EXTRATERRESTRIAL/PARANORMAL/ESOTERIC related show I could find. I saw IS IT REAL on the National Geographic channel; VAMPIRES, ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS and LIFE ON MARS. I saw the usual banter clips of true believers and skeptics. I even caught a show on ATLANTIS. But of all the things that could have gotten my attention (from the claim that ATLANTIS is actually PLATO's reworking of a place called HELIKE which sunk just 100 miles from where plato lived, and only ten years before he sat down to write TIMAEUS and CRITIAS, to the certainty in RICHARD HOAGLANDS face when he said he knew without a shadow of doubt that the FACE ON MARS was artificial, and that nothing could shake him), I could have thrown a chair through the tv when a certain representative for SETI had the nerve to reduce the genius of TESLA to a blurb...a ridiculous insult on behalf of a whacked out theory that suggests the frequencies that Tesla picked up during an experiment with radio waves was none other than the whistling of distant thunder storms, and that TESLA was not smart enough to realize that. This is what skeptics have reduced themselves to---calling some of the greatest minds of our time Juvenile, because they were ahead of their time and not afraid to embrace the great unknown. I was flabbergasted to say the least. SETI hasnt done anything brilliant since its conception that would make me bow down and praise FRANK DRAKE as if he were some demi-god of science and discovery. Needless to say, I was looking for some strange tales to absorb and regurgitate here for you and the oddest thing I saw today was a mediocre scientist speaking out of turn. Pathetic.

Skeptics: 0
Open-Minded explorers of the great unknown: 1

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Lesley said...

Funny, I saw that show too and also wanted to throw a chair a Seth Shostak (or SS, as I like to call him). He doesn't have even a drop of the genius of Tesla.