Sunday, September 21, 2008

Giants in Atlantis?

Yeah, okay, let me clarify. There's a place called GILGAL that is about 5000 years old. It was supposedly the place where KING OG of BASHAN ruled. He was a giant/rephaim. Curiously enough, GILGAL is also referred to as REFAIM. Anyways, my point is GILGAL looks an awful lot like what PLATO said ATLANTIS looked like (minus the water).

Here are two aerial views of GILGAL, easily accessible by air because it is sorrounded by mountains...and there is a military training post there too...oddly enough. But, supposedly it is open to tourists on weekends.

Here is PLATO's description of ATLANTIS...note the 3 concentric circles around a city-like center...etc.


Lipsynchronicity said...

Wow Tina..

The comparison is a very valid one. Interesting....

Derek Gunn

T. Sena said...

Hello Derek,

I have received your emails, but for the life of me, I don't understood why gmail keeps telling me your address is invalid. I've sent you three emails and they ALL came back to me with the same message.

I will have to call you.
And thank you for taking a look.


Kazimier said...
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Kazimier said...
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Kazimier said...

I just had exactly the same thought, googled it and found your blog. Nice one! Wonder why no one else has made much of this before? Could Gilgal be some kind of monument to long-lost Atlantis? Could there be any connection to the so-called drogue or anchor stones of Arzap (Kazan)?