Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pic of the day!

This reminds me of the story of Cain. He killed Abel, and then was banished from Eden. years later his son was out hunting and killed his father (Cain), after mistaking him for a wild animal. Apparently, Cain had horns on his head. Things that make ya go, 'Hm...'

[42] The end of Cain overtook him in the seventh generation of men, and it was inflicted upon him by the hand of his great-grandson Lamech.

This Lamech was blind, and when he went a-hunting, he was led by his young son, who would apprise his father when game came in sight, and Lamech would then shoot at it with his bow and arrow.

Once upon a time he and his son went on the chase, and the lad discerned something horned in the distance. He naturally took it to be a beast of one kind or another, and he told the blind Lamech to let his arrow fly. The aim was good, and the quarry dropped to the ground. When they came close to the victim, the lad exclaimed:

"Father, thou hast killed something that resembles a human being in all respects,
except it carries a horn (cornet) on its forehead!" Lamech knew at once what had happened--he had killed his ancestor Cain, who had been marked by God with a horn.

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Rich said...

Interesting and googled this horn thingy stuff and came up with two other links. One of them looks like, well...

[Below referenced wiki and used other unnamed more reputable sites to verify info]

SEEMS to be a skin tumor type of condition called Cutaneous horns (cornu cutaneum) which the cause is still unknown. It is thought though that exposure to radiation may be a cause as evidenced by a higher rate of cases occurring on the face and hands, areas that are often exposed to sunlight.