Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Physic(cal) smackdown...

I love entertainment in all its facets. Except reality tv of course. I am a writer. Regardless of whether I am good or not. I write because it's like breathing, and so for me, storytelling in every medium is gods gift to a sucky ass existence on earth. And so, I watch movies with half of my head empty, purposely, because entertainment should make you feel good, whether it's sensical or not. That having been said, sometimes, depending on how much awareness you have, you see stupidity and you can't tune it out.

Well Dave Goldberg saw a lot of stupidity in the HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and he couldn't tune it out. And you know what, I am happy he did , because the WORST thing in the world is a dumbed down society who can't accept real science. Seriously. I am tired of having arguments with idiots.

You can read Goldberg's gripe here.

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Rich said...

What passes for truth and science sometimes is a load of crap. But, people (in general I think) like to believe things rather than actually know something or try to figure it out or just say "I don't know." There are other factors too of course.

But, I cannot blame people because it is the world that MADE us and that MAKES us. I am a materialist at heart and everything has a cause including every thought, feeling, motion, etc, etc, etc. We are all just in a "sea of whatever" that MAKES us and is in fact "Us"...every second, millisecond, etc of the day.

Yes, there may be different types of matter or material but all and in all, especially at the end of the day so to speak, EVERYTHING comes from the "whatever." Nothing can be seperate from it, nor special BUT ONLY SEEM TO BE...like sand castles, sand designs, etc, etc, etc...all stemming from simple but complex processes and a thing called sand...and perhaps a little water.

But, what about the person or persons who make them? Surely they stand and are greater than the sand they hold and manipulate. No, smother in sand and drown in water...

ALL THE SAND GETS WASHED AWAY...the creator and creations.

The only question to be asked is will the sand ever remember and have a heart enough to care?

See, here I am professing a belief (with a little poetic rambling perhaps) because there is NO EXACT evidence for what I say above. BUT, based on what I know or think I know, I believe this to be true. I'm kinda a pessimist but as the sand of the sand of the sand...we blow and drift on. Maybe, this is a good thing, though we can only hope.