Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Ningen is the Japanese word for HUMAN. Only thing is, it's more often used in reference to a being that lives in the oceans. This thing is like a giant human-like fish. It first caught my attention 5 years ago, while I was messing around on Youtube. I have been intrigued ever since. I have an affinity for giants. If the Ningen is a giant water human, well then, how the eff did it evade our detection for so long?


Rich said...

This stuff is strange. I'm not convinced at all.

Michael said...

Ningen are of an ancient race if they exist called the nephilim however their particular genus is unknown. They are an engineered species as all nephilim were. If you do some more research you will find a few other species of the like that were land dwellers such as neanderthal and cromagnons that were the direct result of nephilim breeding with human. The 2 species never died out but rather became watered down genetically over time from interbreeding with us in the ancient past. Ningen was probably like all nephilim created by fallen angels or by me still working in the bases of the antarctic. You may contact me if you need further explanation because I know it makes little sense in this condensed reply.

PC GIRL said...

Michael where do u find this stuff. It's funny. Ningen is nowhere connected to any nephilim ( if u believe in nephilim u would know what their fate was and is.)
The Neanderthal u call a species is actually part of the living race of the world excluding Africans. The Dna is found in living humans. That is a recent discovery. Groups of humans leaving Africa contacted the cave man.. inbreed for a short time and the poor sap became extinct for some reason. That is why it is not found in African races who did not leave the continent.
why would a Nephilim live this way when they lived and looked just the opposite- as for the writings about them.

Interesting post btw. :P

Bandrew Destin said...

Niphilim is just Nephalem, it's from a game called Diablo 3. where you play as a guy who is descended from fallen angels, this race is called Nephalem.

Jackie Shelton said...

I'a! I'a! Dagon!