Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Loren Coleman at BOA

There was the Marx Brothers. Lucille and Ethel. Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. Ren and Stimpy. And so the tradition continues every time Tim Binnall invites Loren Coleman to guest on Binnall of America. Yeah, I know what you're thinking: Isn't it Tim and Jeremy? But hear me out. Some people just bring out the best in each other. When Loren interviews with Tim, he talks about everything. When Tim interviews Loren, he asks every question you ever wanted to ask. So, sue me, but when it comes to listening to the Top of the Pops in Cryptozoology or any other realm of curious endeavors, I prefer my Loren Coleman interviews at BOA.

It's like Ramen noodles with Srirachi. Kismet.

You can listen here and then agree with me later...

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Rich said...

BOA is good listening entertainment, especially if you like the guest that is on! Ok, now as far as Loren Coleman, well he does make for good listening. I am not so sure of his objectivity though at times.

Not to be a knock against him or cryptozoology in general but with extraordinary claims comes the extraordinary responsibilty to make sure one has the exact facts at hand...without any bias and therefore presenting whatever other possible reasonable/logical sides or explanations there may be to something and maybe why you think these explanations either fit or don't fit...using thorough facts/citations of course! BTW in a past post I used the word counter-terrorism with hyphen...other spelling can be without hyphen (and may be the correct way?)...nonetheless both forms are used depending on I guess the whim of the writer...hah hah...seems like this at least.