Thursday, August 21, 2014

Podcast interviews worth listening to...

I don't care where many people stand on the UFO enigma. I used to. But these days I find myself caring less what other people think the PHENOMENA is or isn't versus what I think it is. It has everything to do with being bombarded with people's beliefs. Sometimes no one is actually pondering the mystery so much as adding their own misguided feelings to the pot.

I'm too old and disenchanted to hear what you BELIEVE it is. What you KNOW it is. That having been said, I thoroughly enjoyed three interviews from three people who err'd on the side of fact, common sense and the just plain plausible.

Last, but certainly not least, DON BERLINER also at THE PARACAST.

Very insightful, eye opening interviews that made the disenchanted Ufologist in me smile. Maybe this stuff isn't so bad after all.


Rich said...

Ok, I generally agree with these three....already gave some opinion on Richard Dolan in other post below somewhere. As far as Stanton Friedman, I think it is a stretch of him to believe (at least he did some years ago) in being able to "see" letters/words on this telegram (quick story below from wiki):

UFO researcher David Rudiak, and others before him, claimed that a telegram which appears in one of the 1947 photos of balloon debris in Ramey's office contains text that confirms that aliens and a "disk" were found. Rudiak and some other examiners claim that when enlarged, the text on the paper General Ramey is apparently holding in his hand includes key phrases "the victims of the wreck" and "in/on the 'disc'" plus other phrases seemingly in the context of a crashed vehicle recovery.

I think that is false even having looked at the original photo or whatever, I don't believe any words or even letters can be made out.

Now, however, I do somewhat agree with Stanton that a document or two or perhaps more of the "MJ-12" documents are possibly real and then later other documents could have been released for counter-intelligence reasons. This is not impossible. It is also possible that all are made up for counter-intelligence reasons. This is the magic of counter-intelligence...who knows FOR SURE!!

As far as Roswell, who knows FOR SURE that an alien craft crashed there....but it is OK that Stanton believes that it was and also some other site near there as well I believe, if I am correct...for all we know though, the stuff or some of the "alien stuff" could have been staged...who knows FOR SURE what happened here.

As far as Don Berliner, never really followed him as I don't know that he does that many interviews about UFOs or has A LOT of published stuff on them....though I see he co-authored a Roswell book with I would apply here the same as what I mentioned is OK to say one "believes an alien craft crashed in Roswell (and maybe other site as well)"....just make sure one does not say "It is a FACT that an alien space craft crashed"....see the difference.....basically though Don also seems a pretty reasonable guy as again does Stanton.

As far as it is a FACT that aliens are here and flying around in space craft...well I certainly would not cross that line. Is there some strong evidence that points to things along that line....well, enough to say that things are going bump in the night...and the day...what these things are....who knows. It is all a mystery that deserves studying. Unfortunately it almost always cannot be studied in a lab under a microscope and the like.

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