Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Walson vid's/PRANKS---the ruin of UFOLOGY

It figures that sooner or later something like this would get exposed. I am not saying I ever believed any of it, but I did think it was cool nonetheless. I can totally get behind believing that there might be ancient craft floating out there in the deeper, darker recesses of space. Why not? According to the geniuses of the world, we are relatively young, so what if there is a much older, space faring race out there...or was. Heck, for all we know everyone else could be dead and we could be remnants of some great, lost race. Whatever. All I have to say is I was conned. I was intrigued and now I am pissed. Hoaxers are the bane of my existence. Hoaxers are killing ufology. Every judgemental person I've ever encountered---every sceptic---they all have the hoaxers for an excuse.
So, as ufologists, what's ours?

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jillh10 said...

Yes these bloody Chinese Lanterns need to be banned I say. We have had quite a few hoaxers around monmouthshire over the last year or two. Oh and of course now one can buy offline these remote controlled disk shaped contraptions that make people call us up yelling the aliens have landed. Bloody hoaxers!