Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Existence under a microscope @ INTANGIBLE MATERIALITY

In the last post through the library of language as a time binding agency of thought as processed through cultural and individuated memory, I came to the nexus of perceptual camouflage as a defense mechanism of a non human. Missing time equates to missing memory, and missing memory is also perhaps present in the images superimposed on observers as the imprint of intentionally absurd, false realities.We normally assume that these perceptual anomalies are aggressive, whereas I am equally convinced they are defensive. It is difficult for us to envision a reversed series of causation in regard to cultural contamination, which they may seek, or as another possibility,direct perceptual interaction may be a toxin, or it is simply a matter of incompatibility between two systemic states of sentience. What we normally project is aggression, what we normally assume is intentional perceptional disassociation as an act of tactical invasion. What if we are wrong? What if the shoe of nature lies affixed to the other foot and we are such sentient anomalies that direct contact, not by cognitive choice but by our respective sentience is so oppositional that one must avoid the other by a screen, or a screen or camouflage is created when the admixture jells as one misconceives the other? When looking at the biochemical aspect of abductees and the chemical simulations that our minds produce from photon irradiation, I looked at how would be victims of reciprocal feeding processes can produce defensive foul smells, biological feints, paralyzing agents as in the cetacean species, misconception by appearance, etc. What is striking in this is how much all of this is taken in our case, simply at face value. This is what we saw therefore this is what it appeared to be and leave out the most critical factoring, that is why a sleight of hand is necessary? These are tactical in nature quite literally, and yet no real thought has been given to this. Even at the human cellular level with toxins, and antibodies and so forth, a sort of cross mimicry occurs as a balancing of the environment to the living system as a somatic contingency.

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Rich said...

This is a bit too scholarly for me to follow well enough. The world is deceptive and so is, naturally, everything in it, to some degree or another.

I don't believe in free will and believe that everything is already "played out."

We are just products of whatever this all is and so, therefore, is everything that manifests from us (thoughts, ideas, feelings, personality, what we say and do, etc, etc, etc)...including all other "inanimate" objects, scenarios, etc, etc, etc.

I thoroughly BELIEVE this to be true. Why? There has been no arguments in favor of free will that I can satisfactorily believe. I chose to write this? No, only countless factors led to me writing this...of which I'm pretty sure I had nothing to do with...hence, technically there is no me...just IT.

We are deceived, killed, murdered, tortured, etc, etc, etc, etc...because, IT ALL DON'T MATTER...no more than us worrying about stepping on ants "to get to somewhere important."

The world is "going someplace important"...just remember that or don't remember that or don't read this or whatever...IT DON'T MATTER.