Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Time Walker (1982)

The first time I saw this movie, I was probably 9-10 years old. It had a strong impression
on me. Since then I have searched off and on for a copy. The movie is hard to find in any medium which makes me wonder, why?

I know there could be Hollywood distribution politics to explain this, but given the fact that so many people already believe extraterrestrials had a hand in pre-history, it just makes me wonder if this is a scenario our gov't could have encountered.

Imagine an EBE stranded on earth and mummified while in some sort of suspended sleep or what have you. Fast forward to an age where humankinds technology is capable of allowing such a being to regain consciousness and return home.

Yeah, it's far fetched. Yeah, it's absurdly Hollywood. But still, stranger things have happened. Just because you can't read it in the morning paper, that doesn't mean it isn't news.

If anyone can supply me with a copy of this film, I would appreciate it.


Field Watcher said...

i have this movie, if you still want it mail me at starsirius77@yahoo.com

Field Watcher said...
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