Monday, January 02, 2012


If you've never had the pleasure of walking passed a doomsayer, then you've clearly missed out and should rethink your life. In all seriousness, nothing beats having someone push the concept of 'end times' down your throat. "The end is nigh... repent...repent...repent." Truth be told, I think a few people *cough* Christians *cough* forgot that their savior died for EVERYONEs sins. SO what are we repenting for? The Kardashians?

The fact is, January 1st came and went, and yes, we are only into day two of the prophesied year of OMG!ZOMBIES!ASTEROIDS!HURRICANES!VOLCANOES!DIEHUMANSDIE! scenarios, but oddly enough the year seems to have come in pretty quiet.

For starters, no one really got out this year. Many of the people I have known to raise a few too many glasses at some of the most crowded clubs, opted to stay home this year. And yeah, maybe Times Square was crowded, but was it as crowded as in previous years?

I stayed in with family, drank a little, watched a little tv and ate ate ate. But I didn't feel a shiver in me timbers when the ball dropped. I had no resolutions to set into action. All the hoopla from all the "HFR"s of the world made 2012 out to be the year of epic badness and I am just wondering if the year will live up to our imaginations.

If you've ever read The Secret and believed that our thoughts and desires manifest, well then, you will have to consider that if something bad does go down, like... let's say, mass extinction... then every person who's ever been a strong believer in 2012 is responsible.

If anyone needs to repent, it's the people who want the world to end simply because they can't pay their bills or get along with their boss. What about the rest of us? Maybe we like it here. Maybe we want you to shut up and do something about your problems instead of hoping some massive event will wipe them away.

In fact, if anything bad does go down in 2012, I say the rest of us prepare to kick all the doomsayers asses! For the betterment of ALL HUMANKIND.