Monday, January 23, 2012

Giants of Antiquity and beyond

Lately I've been rolling my eyes at the tales of women copulating with angels. Yeah, I know, some people actually believe that shit, but where do we draw that fine number two pencil line in the sand? Why do I have a problem with this, you may ask? It's simple, no woman has ever given birth to a giant. Now, let me clarify: Some people who've been born from average height mothers and shorter have grown to Basketball star heights and with the aid of an overactive pituitary gland, some have found their way into the guinness book.

I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the men of reknown. The giants who were the sons of watchers, born of the daughters of man, who were Jack and The Beanstalk GIANTS. Not. Gonna. Happen. Not saying it didn't happen then, but I think that people are pretending they don't know there's an elephant in the room.

Once upon a time, everything was big. Tree, animals, lizards, insects (still animals, but you know what I mean). Things you couldn't even imagine being so huge these days, like rodents were big enough to rival trees. Yes, everything was big. They called it the Pleistocene epoch. Everything was HUGE!

So, if we push back the biblical tales a bit, is it possible that the People of that epoch were huge too? I am going out on a limb here, but honestly it all boils down to logic: Giant women will beget giant children. And giant men who fly (most likely in spaceships) can only have sex with women who are the SAME SIZE.

There is no way we can turn a blind eye to the fact that when the SONS OF GOD SAW THAT THE DAUGHTERS OF MAN WERE BEAUTIFUL... what giant see's a teeny tiny woman as beautiful? Better still, what teeny tiny woman is surviving in an age when everything else is larger than the empire state or thereabouts?

People say, "Don't take it literally" and yet that is what they do all day when they try to force feed scripture to you. So the next time someone starts quoting the bible, hit them with the something to think about: How did Arch angels, or the hierarchy of heaven manage to impregnate average sized human women and create GIANTS for offspring? Because the bible says there were giants in the earth in those days WHEN the sons of god, ---not BECAUSE--- the sons of god hooked up with the daughters of man.

Yeah, there were giants in those days. Every last one of them.


Rich said...

I am going to guess that there were some peoples of relatively short stature and some which were of quite tall stature for that time period (though this still exists today even). The height depending on factors like where one was born and raised, genetics, nutrition, and/or disease. Those who were of tall stature were certainly not anywhere near 20ft tall, let alone 36 feet tall....perhaps the absolute most being around 9 feet...and the average height of the giant peoples being around eight feet tall perhaps....which to a group of peoples who have/had an average height of around five feet tall...they might be considered/labeled as giants. Therefore, they could still mate.

Here is a video clip that gives a rough idea of this:

Rich said...

I should stress that the above averages were obviously just made up and not so scientific...though the tallest a human can be is supposedly around 9 feet and still likely to suffer problems anyway because of this height....but the video shows you that just around a 1.5 feet difference in height between the two means a whole lot....imagine a full 2 or 3 feet.