Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brad Steiger on BOA!!!

W/ A post show bonus interview with WHITLEY STRIEBER...

ull Preview: We kick things off by finding out what motivates Brad to keep writing about and researching the paranormal after over 50 years in the field. Having seen the rise and fall of numerous genres within the esoteric milieu, we get Brad's take on why some fields seem to emerge and take hold of the consciousness of people. Brad recounts the stunning popularity of 'table tipping' in World War II and explains why the spiritual practice became a sensation during those difficult times. This leads to Brad reflecting on how the quest for spirituality has become an individual journey for people and how this overall concept applies to paranormal research as well.
The conversation turns to how the Internet has fundamentally changed the paranormal field for authors like Brad, who have produced a myriad of written works, and for everyday people searching for answers to these esoteric mysteries. This leads to us discussing the meteoric rise of technology, especially in portable formats, in recent years and how it appears to be trending towards a merging of man and machine. Brad speaks to the importance of keeping up with the technology if paranormal researchers are to reach new audiences, but also reflects on how the ease of publishing and broadcasting has lead to a massive oversaturation of paranormal content online.
Next we examine the frenzy surrounding 2012 and Brad reflects on the cyclical nature of apocalyptic thinking, which seems to peak at the end of each century. Brad details how the discovery of America by Columbus was actually fueled by apocalysm. In keeping with the discussion on the cyclical nature of things, Brad details his 1975 book Roadmap of Time. This leads to discussion on lost civilizations that pre-date human history and Brad talks about the importance of South America in these concepts. He also shares the story of a massive ancient city discovered in a dried lake in Russia as well as a cave found underwater which contains remarkable paintings on the walls.
The talk about ancient advanced civilizations then turns to time travel and why Brad is skeptical of the concept, in general, due to the 'Grandfather Paradox.' From there, we go down a completely different path to discuss the enigmatic Bigfoot and Brad explains why he has "mixed feelings" about the creature. Brad recounts his attempts to solve the Bigfoot riddle, how the solution continues to elude him, and why it appears to be some kind of multi-dimensional entity. This leads to us talking about companion species, such as elves and faeries, sharing the Earth with humans.

*This is a GREAT, can't miss interview. I wish I could shrink Steiger and put him in my pocket...

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