Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Am I the only one who thinks that ghosts normally don't show up as a big blue blob?


Ray said...

I saw a cool video up on WWW.GHOSTLOGS.COM Check it out - this ghost looks pretty real to me. I can't imagine a gas store clerk is going to doctor this. THough it is possible.

I believe in ghost!

check the

Jeremy said...

Five bucks says it end up being a bug.

R. Lee said...

I "believe" in ghosts, having seen, heard and felt them, but nope, this isn't a ghost. bug, gas, who knows.

T. Sena said...

Hello Everyone,

The story has a lot more to it than I thought. Apparently, this 'thing' was seen by patrons at the gas station. So, it wasn't just caught on camera. But still, I have been ghost-hunting for years, and I NEVER saw anything like this and it annoys me when everything is relegated to the ghost phenomena. Heck, for all we know, it coulda been a faery, an Angel, some form of E.T.,...who knows. I just think calling it a ghost is too narrow a margin...imo.


R. Lee said...

Say Tina, when are you coming over to Esoteric Women?


Rhea said...

I, too, believe in ghosts, but this just doesn't do a thing for me.