Thursday, June 05, 2008

Little people, big world...

Lately there's been a few articles circulating about little people. You know, the little faeries and elves and dwarves we all bought into as kids. The thing is, I don't get how some people are so afraid. Yes, it is something different. But consider, and this is no disrespect to people who were born with Dwarfism, but we as a society are USED TO seeing people smaller than ourselves. Parents with small children are tripping over them everyday. Not to mention our culture basically force fed us on SMURFS, FRAGGLE ROCK, SESAME STREET and the like, and let us not forget THE DARK CRYSTAL and THE HOBBIT. So seriously, is it really that frightening to see a small person, travelling on foot in the dark? Maybe if I was in a situation where I was brought to believe that little people= Evil, than yeah, I'd run for my ever lovin' 5foot 8inch life. However, when I think of little people in the context of the supernatty or the esoteric in general, all I think about is that thing from STEPHEN KING's CAT'S EYE, which I would step on without hesitation. Or, the little PYGMY man discovered by GOLD PROSPECTOR's, better known as PEDRO THE MOUNTAIN MUMMY.
My point is this: You don't run, screaming bloody murder, when you see a little person trudging down the avenue in the dark. So, any stories and video's to the contrary only says one thing to me...drama. As in, someone saw an opportunity to get some attention. And honestly, it's just not worth mentioning unless someone meets a little man in green, falls asleep and then wakes up in a pot at the end of a rainbow. If that happens, call me. Seriously.

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