Sunday, December 28, 2008

Seeing faces

I went to profile rock two weeks ago. It wasn't a planned investigation. On the contrary, I was visiting my best friend in Fall River and happened to see signs w/ a very distinguished Native American profile everywhere. Then I saw the sign pointing the way, so while my best friend spent a good hour arguing with T-mobile about a mistake on her phone bill, I saw profile rock.
When I made it to the top of the hill overlooking the rock I was awestruck. Maybe a tad gobsmacked. My heart palpated in my chest and I was overwhelmed by the awesome. So what did I do? Being the adventurer I WISH I was, I got a closer look. I found a stone staircase leading down the hill and so I went on down and close to what became a hill of rocks, broken and graffiti'd and eventually gave way to the true profile of the rock. It wasn't the regal one used to advertise all the businesses in the area. On the contrary, that profile is an illusion. Broken rocks jutting out left and right make it look that way.

But still, there is a profile. Only it resembles a Maya and not a Native American.

I saw a long sloping forehead and a flat nose. But then again, you can see faces in anything, so I have no idea if what I was looking at was carved or made by mother nature as the rocks crumbled. All I do know is that I loved being there and seeing it and I can't wait to see something crazier or stranger or far more mysterious in the near future.

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