Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rethinking Teleportation

Everytime the question of what superpower I'd wanna have if I were a superhero comes up, I always pick the same thing: Teleportation. Frak flying. That's so 1972. Same goes for superstrength, because I can just see myself shaking someone's hand and accidentally snapping their arm in half. Anyways, teleportation (and time travel), has always been a favorite subject of mine. Everytime a new book comes out, explaining some new way of possibly going about the transference of photons from one destination to the next, I buy it. Everytime Scientific American or Discover magazine publishes an article on teleportation, I buy the entire issue. I wouldn't say I am obsessed, but I would say that I know there is some element missing in all the theorizing and it's driving me bat shit. For instance, why does teleportation have to work on the principle that an object emerging on the other side is a fascimile of the original? How come I can't teleport my original self from, say, here in Boston Massachusetts, to Honolulu in the exact molecular composition that is ME and not some copy? How come there isn't a theory to express the possibility that it could be the space in which a teleported object travels that may shift and have to reconstitute itself and not the object itself? I mean, rather than me dividing into a zillion pieces and then coming back together on some beach in honolulu, why can't the space between boston and honolulu shift and break apart and expand enough so that I can come through? I admit, I am NOT a scientist. And perhaps a science major or two will come across this post and go, "My god, this girl has no idea what the heck she's talking about." But what if I do have a point? I mean, I'm not stupid and I do love science. I did once fancy myself being a scientist. I think that I'm just as aware as the next enthusiast. So I say, there has to be another way. Someone's not looking into this with all eyes open. Teleportation can very be the simplest way to move through space, but people are so caught up trying to make it sound so scientific and perhaps, in some way, re-invent the wheel, that they don't want to entertain other possibilities.

Like I said, I don't know much about it all. I do enjoy reading about it. I do enjoy thinking about it. But damn it...can some genius get on the ball already so I can actually DO it?!


Rich said...

A sort of simple way to see the universe is as information.

If you look at your computer screen, all the wonderful things on it and the usefulness of it all are essentially created by binary code or really on and off switches or gates. When you move your cursor on the screen, is it really moving? When you scroll up and down on a page, is the page moving? In the computer/information reality...NO! Nothing REALLY exists no matter how useful or pretty it all is!! It is ALL just electricity either being blocked or let through (on and off) to form a series which eventually creates it ALL...say it again---->ALL

If we were to look at "our" universe AND US in sort of the same way (not necessarily as on and off but similar perhaps), then we can see that NOTHING really moves anywhere and actually NOTHING actually exists. Everything can exist EVERYWHERE yet EVERYTHING EXISTS NOWHERE.

I realize this doesn't answer the teleportation problem. I've read up on this stuff and it still is confusing for me.

Water (nature) tends to take the weakest/quickest way forward on things and that might have something to do with why it doesn't move the information but rather creates like a fascimile. Maybe this is just the easiest and most efficient way of doing/computing things and therefore this IS the way it IS.

Evolution of the universe/life hasn't necessarily been the smartest, but even by just sheer "computing capability" it is, as a whole, efficient enough to create us/environment.

Rich said...

Why is at present impossible FOR US to "teleport" humans, chairs and the like?

I would look at it them as complicated pieces of information. Information can conflict. Fights between people? Wars between countries? One software "telling" the other software "screw you!" Plus, we of course, don't have access to "copy/cut/paste commands."

Everything is basically information. Whoever or whatever or perhaps nothing...CONTROLS IT ALL. Cause we certainly don't...at least "not on this page of the website."

Rich said...

I would look at them...


I would look at it them...

I noticed this and I'm an anal piece of software sometimes.

Rich said...

I should state that all of what I said here is obviously just a bunch of guessing of workings of the universe/us/all. I say this because it sounds like, upon me rereading my postings, that I am trying to make factual statements here and I was not. It is all just conjecture and belief. Thought I make this more clear.