Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vampires in Boston...and other stupid things

Why are kids so stupid these days? Remember back when vampires were confined to the freaky old house down the block? Or the cemetery near your uncles house? Thems were the days. But now, that school we all took that test to try to get into...you know...Latin Academy...it's invested with idiots. Pardon me. I meant to say, vampires. Which is worse? Really. Kids reporting on each other, " Judy... she wears Urban Decay eyeliner in Venom, and she rocks Doc Martens and never goes out when it's sunny. I think she's a vampire." Seriously. If this is the future we are in for some serious disappointment. These kids aren't going to find cures for cancer, aids and MS. Nope. Instead they're going to spend their adulthood picking on each other, making lame shit up about each other and oh, before I forget...hunting vampires. Or atleast selling them out.


Rich said...

Idiocy permaeates our civilization. A whole lot of us seem not able to critically think about things or just don't bother.

By the way, I don't claim to be some great thinker (nor am I anywhere near perfection) but I will generally try and examine something inside and out, upside down and crossways. Then I will:

1) BELIEVE something to be true because enough information seems to exist to BELIEVE but not enough to say something is indeed true...VERY IMPORTANT!!

Example: Aliens are visiting Earth. It is possible to believe this.

2) Declare something to be true (rare) because of enough information AND NOTHING conflicts.

Example: 2+2=4 TRUE!!!

3) Declare something to be untrue because there is DIRECT and glaring evidence to say it is untrue.

Example: If you go out in the cold, you ARE GONNA get sick. This is not necessarily true.

Lesley said...

I have been known to wear Urban Decay eyeliner in Venom! Perhaps I now understand my cravings for rare steaks. :-)

Rich said...

----->permeates<-----and if there are any other typos in my post(s)...all well.