Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lamest piece of crap explanation the history of b.s.

Area 51.


Is that what they use it for?


Is this a late April fool's joke?

Did someone wake up on the wrong side of the spaceship they built using reverse technology, this morning?

Is it becoming that much harder to explain yourselves?

Are we in 2009 or 1899?

Since when did Science become the fall guy for stupidity?

How many secret scientists on secret bases in secret deserts does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

If Aliens don't exist, then how the f*ck come you guys still have a job?

So the Aurora was built on ingenuity and hours and hours of Star Trek?

So, if I have a billion dollars, can I get one of those super-secret-stealth ships? With a side of fries?

The man/men/agency/group/starfleet that comes up with all the lame ass stories to keep us nosy seekers-of-the-truth from seeking the truth need a hobby. Seriously.

Area 51, you are made of FAIL.


Rich said...

I can neither confirm nor deny

Well, ok, there ARE UFOs.

Almost all UFO sightings can eventually be explained by prosaic things.

A small percentage remain unexplained.

Logic says that one does not jump to "alien spaceships" to explain these unexplained sightings. Logic would also say these "unexplained" too would be given prosaic explanations if there was enough information available.

It is just that we lack enough information to explain what was seen.

What about "reliable" eye witnesses and ALL those testimonies and stories? What about "death bed" confessions?

People and organizations, including, those considered reliable, may mess up, bend data or just plain lie. On top of this, radar is not as simple as what is on the screen is certainly in the sky (everyone must know this but if you dont...). Not to mention "radar confirmations" can be made to fit eyewitness testimony or visa versa.
I would also add that just because someone says some fantastic story before they die, doesn't mean it is automatically true. Again, people are people, whatever their motivations or state of mind.

What about the crop designs and cattle mutilations, etc?

I'd like to see much more of a crowd of scientific people/labs studying these. Otherwise, again, stories and data can be manipulated/interpreted in the wrong way.

Stuff like this needs to be HEAVILY peer reviewed scientifically before any actual claims of "alien"/government mischifef.

Unfortunately, as it is in the "UFO field," money to do this is not readily available. Properly conducted interviews, material gathering and testing [using ACTUAL field/scientific methods] would go a long way toward helping to solve any of this stuff. THEN, peer review would pick up and clean the house of MOST any possible BS.

AND, what about all those government documents? They don't show/say much in great SCIENTIFIC detail Or they are FAKE. It is really that simple.

AND, what about Area 51 and these craft that appear to break the laws of physics? And the stories associated with Area 51 and other alleged/apparent government bases?

Well, the government is probably capable of creating amazing craft that appear to break the laws of physics. True. Probably had this capability for some time now, although I couldn't give a good estimate of how many years. Oh, and the stories, AGAIN, are JUST stories.

Wait a minute here. What about sightings of "alleged craft" going back in time that did some amazing things?

Again, we are talking about stories. Not much science involved, if any. Again, anything that does remain unsolved after being subjected to science and peer JUST that unsolved. Nothing more.

NOW, having said all of this, is it still possible to believe there is another intelligence operating "out there"? Yes. One can choose to believe in anything I suppose.

I just wish things were scientific.

Rich said...

As an add on to the above: One big problem with UFOs or UAPs (or whatever) and scientifically studying them is the "repeatability factor." They are not something that tend to repeat themselves under the exact same conditions in the same exact place or at the very least in the exact same place (and wishful thinking even time).

Makes it very hard to come to any EXACT conclusion. One could rule out a whole bunch of stuff in the BEST ---> B E S T observed/tracked/recorded accounts and still be left with an "unknown."

BUT, these are the accounts that definitely deserve our attention. Here is where believing can start to come into play.

It is these "unknowns" that do need to be explained...right? These are the true UFOs/UAPs!

BUT, this doesn't automatically mean they are alien spaceships.

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Which direction we are going
There's no knowing where we're rowing
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Round and round we go, where we stop nobody knows.

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