Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I had a dream last night...actually, more like a nightmare. That some wayward scientist found a cave with a huge door inside. He couldn't get it opened so he called in the army (yes, it was a dream and in dreams these things happen), and they came barrelling in like soldiers out of a Michael Bay movie. They blasted the door but no dice. And then finally, a woman steps through. Sharply dressed...I got the impression that she was the President. Don't ask. She pulled on the old handle, the door came open, a great gust of wind and dust and debris issued forth. Than came a god-awful howl and the sky turned black and I woke up thinking, " Holy sh_t, someone opened up the door to hell." Don't even know why I came to that conclusion, but it got me thinking about Stargates, so here is wikipedia's definition.
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