Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Natural History of Unicorns

I can't help but wonder if there were UNICORNS (cuz there are!), that perhaps they may have been hunted to extinction by stupid people who believe stupid things. I mean, you see a strange creature in your back yard and you kill it, and then you drink some water from its horn because you're weird. Next thing ya know, your canker sores are gone, so you tell the neighbors. Now, this creature has relatives roaming the backyards of all your neighbors, so it gets easy for your neighbors to kill one of their own, and so on and so on. Until every dumb, gullible person kills off every little fabulous, weird creature.

Yup. I think that's how it went down.

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Rich said...

I am lost. A stranger in a strange land. I am normal yet weirder than weird. I tell you the truth as I lie to you. I am lost. Just a part of it all, as I am the whole. This is me. This is all. Where are the unicorns Tina?