Monday, January 05, 2009

The Viking Tower...

On saturday I saw the most curious thing: The Viking Tower. I had heard many detailed stories about it. That the Chinese built it, or the Norse, or Benedict Arnold. To tell you the truth, it looks like no Windmill I've ever seen, and I
have spent the day looking all over the web for similar ones.

It's supported on 8 pillars with 8 arcs and inside (if you can get close enough), are these curious little portholes and windows that are completely covered from the outside. Also, there appears to be a fireplace in there. Seriously.

There are also ledges on the outside that may have supported beams. That is the concensus anyway.

An excavation was carried out in the late 1940's and Colonial clues were found, like a shoe print and it was also carbon dated. Now, the carbon dating gets me because I thought carbon dating rocks was a no-no. But apparently they did the mortar. So, many of the peeps who studied the tower believe it was built in colonial times. However, there is evidence of a structure in China that looks just like it, again lending a bit of speculation in the direction of Chinese settlers in the Americas.
It has been said that there are runes on the stones, but I didn't see anything. I had I know, I would have looked harder. All I saw was a beautifully elaborate structure with no rhyme or reason to it. Let everyone else argue about it. I just enjoyed looking at it.
If you're ever in Newport, Rhode Island, go to Touro Park and check it out.

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