Thursday, May 07, 2009

Regan Lee on the 'Marian' effect

Quan Lin (also Kuan Yin) is the Chinese goddess of love, mercy and compassion, traits shared with Mary. Kuan Yin is "she who listens to the sounds (suffering) of the world," again, like Mary. Various names for Quan Lin are: Hearer of Cries, Most Holy Goddess, Holy Mother, Merciful Mother. The similarities between the Christian Mary and the Asian Kwan Yin are clear: both are women that are compassionate, merciful, and "listen to the sounds of suffering of the world." And Maya is also the mother of the Buddha; Mary is the mother of Christ.

Regan Lee had me trippin'...seriously...reading her latest in THE TRICKSTERS REALM.
Marian apparitions, for me are a hit and miss subject. My grandmother wants to
smack me everytime I knock one of the latest Marian apparitions, in hospital
windows, on trees in the middle of bad neighborhoods, or on rocks in front of
churches. Whatever. I've tried to keep an open mind about it, but I even went
so far as to criticize the whole FATIMA apparitions, WHILE I WAS AT FATIMA!

So, maybe I am NOT the best person to sit down and wax philosophical about
the Holy Mary and her power of...whatever...but I do believe something is
at work here. But I think it is far older and goes far deeper. I'm talking
way way older than biblical kind of deep. I'm talking HIS WISDOM...the female
entity that was God's right hand and has been mistaken time and again for
Jesus Christ.

I'm talking Sophia...the one the gnostics said was running sh*t. And if no one
really listened to the gnostics, someone's gotta explain to me how that movie,
THE BIBLE, has a chick as the serpents voice. Seriously. I remember that.

But I digress.

Marian Apparitions. Otherworldly, perhaps. But the Mother of Christ, miraculously
showing up across the globe? I don't get it. If this were some plan of the man upstairs, to get us all to see the error of our ways, than why not Jesus himself?
Or...I don't know, MOSES! Where are all the MOSES sightings? Is it because we'd
mistake him for Charlton Heston?

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