Saturday, October 09, 2010

Never as good as you want it...

So, there's a pic from NASA that was obviously (poorly) photoshopped and it was outted, and when it was it was immediately shot down for being just a case of bad photo-editing. Anyhow, the dilemma was raging over on Youtube and now the NASA photoshopper (non-extraordinaire) explained why she did a suck ass job and can find out here why people don't believe in anything anymore and why Aliens don't exist. According to the general populace. And NASA. Because ya know, they DON'T NEED ANY MONEY.

(My god am I bitter or what?)

You can read it all HERE!

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Rich said...

Nasa (and whoever processes the images) does edit images and the reasons vary for why they do. There is probably almost always (99.9%) a "benign" reason for why an image is edited. Would they use editing to hide something?...yeah, if related to national (and possibly global) security. National security and secrets kept in the name of it, is its own animal...for better or for worse. We just hope we have good, sane, and sober people running whatever it is that goes on. When does a secret become not good?