Friday, October 08, 2010


So, last month a UFO appeared over an airport in inner-Mongolia. There isn't much to go on,
but the story made its way back to the news and...yadda...yadda. Honestly, I'm just plain

I'm annoyed with the 'supposed' sightings that amount to nothing because everyone and their
mother has a cellphone with a camera. Someone should have or could have caught something.
And maybe I am being just a little too quick to dismiss it but this is just a pain in the ass when
people are emailing me about some such story and I think something big has gone down, only
to go to the link and find something like this.

And the media is no better at covering this stuff. When there isn't a crack head celebrity in
rehab or an erroneous FACT about the President to report, they turn to stuff like this. UFO's
and everything related as become FILLEr for the nightly news.

It's getting played out.

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