Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I would like to thank The Academy

I received the most awesomest gift of acknowledgement in this wayward field we called Ufology. My
very own caricature from the folks at THE UFOLOGISTS.
Words cannot express how awesome an honor this is, because I never can tell if anyone is paying
attention to anything I am saying. At least this way I know whatever crap I say is semi-relevant.
Even if for two seconds.

Thank you! I would so totally fist bump an EBE. (You know me so well!)

*Had I not gone without the INTERNET for the last few days, I would have posted this sooner...


Rich said...


Deirdre said...

And people say there's no payoff in UFOlogy.

Dennis does great work -- nice to see he got you down!


Regan Lee said...

Very nice Tina!

Altar said...

I got one too!!!!