Friday, November 05, 2010

Why does it have to be so complicated

I could never understand, no matter how long I may live, why people are assholes. I just don't get it. I've had two experiences that brought me as close to death as any human can come and I've come out of both experiences realizing two things: #1 Humanity is far more precious than we know, and #2 The evil we do is not human at all.

It's very hard to explain to people that when they are being assholes, they aren't being human. You can't just tell them, "Listen assholes, you're inhuman." Because they look at you like you have a dick on your head. In fact, you can never argue with other people in this age of super-information, where everything is need to know and ever present on any search station. People will google 'inhuman' and throw it right back at you.

Never mind the fact that people nower days don't take care of their kids and don't know how to function as normal civilians that help to comprise a civilized society. Worst of all, academics compare the assholes of our generation to Neanderthalis! I doubt very much that our big-brained cousins were this dumb, naive, disrespectful or immoral. If you think about it, at least the Neanderthals buried their dead.

We have assholes in this day and age who kill people and leave them for the birds.

This may make you think twice about trying to help the old lady across the street or dedicate your time to saving the refugees of some devastated region, but don't let it. Take a moment to realize that the bastard that cut you off and almost made you crash into oncoming traffic does not represent the whole of humanity.

The media makes it even harder to like our own species.

First off, we are naive enough to divide humanoids/hominids into races. Really? Not even crack heads would be so dumb ass to separate HUMANS from HUMANS. As Edward James Olmos said, when adressing the U.N., " We are all one race!" The fact that it has taken SMART people so long to put this together is not only appalling, but it's pathetic.

I am starting to wonder if they give out PHD's in cereal boxes.

If you are that fucking smart, you should also be capable of telling the truth. We are one and the same. The end. Don't add colorful grammatical discrepancies to appease the decrepit, old white men who hold up academia and will die soon enough. Because they have no power. They are after all, only human.

And that is the problem.

If you are an Ufologist. If you study the paranormal in any manner, than how can you be so stupid as to discredit the human race for anything? "Aliens did it." Everything is Aliens this and Aliens that. Well guess what? Aliens from other Universes/Galaxies wouldn't have such an easy time adapting here. Check your biology books. So, if anyone did come here and help humanity to evolve, they were as close to human as one can get.

On other words, they were humanoid. They were us.

In fact, I would bet my entire existence on the probability that OLD humans are doing all the work that we credit extraterrestrials for. Our world is so old that many human-like civilizations could have evolved so many times over. The Annunaki look HUMAN. The Nordics look HUMAN. The greys, no matter how freaky, look human. Yes, their eyes are humongous and black and their heads are too big to seem human at all, but go to Peru and you will see large human skulls.

To say that humans are so stupid and that only 'aliens' are capable of pyramids and monoliths is to short change what is most probably OUR ancestors who perhaps left their original home, whether it be Orion or Andromeda, to seed this galaxy... to seed earth and to leave reminders of OUR past. Not their past.

Stonehenge and the pyramids of Giza could perhaps be telling us, "Hey, this is where YOU came from." But sadly enough, we don't like ourselves because we don't like each other so we fail to see the obvious.

Don't let the assholes of the world deter you from seeing the truth, for the truth shall set you free. Besides, Karma is a bitch and she is a given. She will seek them out eventually. Fuck them.

I have tried to walk away from the paranormal and ufology in general, several times. I have even contemplated studying Cryptozoology because the assholes there are few and far between, but you know what? I have a big mouth. I want the truth and I want to share it. So look out assholes of the world. I am here. I am listening and I will put you in your place.

And if nothing else, before I get old and decrepit myself,  I will leave a little truth behind. Somehow. And it shall set you free.

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Rich said...

People, like all things, are most likely just products of whatever this all can't change a motorcycle into a tow truck. Same with people...we are what we are what we are, through no fault of our own. "Assholes" are made, just like everything else. Any changes (or really EVERYTHING) in people/things is run by whatever this all is.

Morality is somewhat relative, depending on culture, time period, etc, etc.

Hard to tell whether our ancestors are existing "out there" or what is actually going on...I certainly don't know. I do KNOW one thing, humans (as a whole) can be easily lead and/or fooled into things. Once this happens, whatever the illusion, myth, brainwashing or whatever kinda takes on a life of its own.

Don't go outside in the cold without a coat/jacket on, you'll catch a cold. How many times have we all heard this? Not necessarily false, but certainly not TRUE. Yet, many people grow up thinking like has taken on a life of its own.

So it is with many we, as a whole, can be twisted and turned in any direction because we naturally follow each other.


Then again, never underestimate the power of one stupid person who happens to be in just the right "position."

~Oh sorry, I was just texting while driving and rammed into the side of your car and killed the passenger. (Not to blame texting, but rather lack of paying attention while driving)

-->Most important thing to remember that all that is "good" and "bad" is probably not of our making, whether individually or as a whole. A very quick, rough check of this: I didn't make the world or anything in it. I didn't make myself. Whatever happens, happens...and puts up a great illusion that you or I had a "great say" in it. Guess what? Again, probably not.

BUT, who really knows, maybe any one of us (and all of us) is grander than whatever MERELY "contains" us...and maybe, just maybe that grey of an "alien" or Blonde or whatever "alien" is really our ancestor. Who knows?

I sure don't, but can only guess since there are, STRANGELY ENOUGH IF WE ACTUALLY MATTERED (in a good way), no blueprints/instructions for whatever this all is...yeah, whatever this all is...just one more time...whatever this all is.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for anything written here, in part or in whole, including factual errors, grammatical errors or any other type of error. Don't know why I wrote all of this and even if there is a reason or reasons, it is not of my own making. Alas, there may be absolutely no reason...but wait a minute, suppose it was a bad reason, then it would be better to be no reason....oh goes on. and on. and on. and on. and on. and more time...and on.

Thank you for reading or not reading this jumble of typed whatever.