Friday, January 07, 2011

The Birds and the Bees

The media has been bombarding us with doomsday scenarios for decades. Hollywood has reared generations of people into the Invading Aliens hypothesis. Zombies have become the new bio-terror and television shows featuring scary, rich men in suits, smoking cigars and discussing the fall of the American Empire are ratings darlings. In short, we are all obsessed with the beginning of the end of the world.

Birds are falling from the skies. Bees are disappearing. Conspiracies abound and yet I cannot help but ask, " Isn't this what you've all been asking for?" Every where I turn people are discussing how 'bad' the world is and how 'evil' humanity is. Humans call humans parasites. Humans have more sympathy for animals in the wild. People put their pets on pedestals and their neighbors on shit lists.

We don't like ourselves and what happens to a species bred on self-loathing? You get a tad suicidal. On a massive scale. Religions breed indifference to human empathy and we've invented gods that punish us for obeying our basest human instincts. Eating too much, talking too loudly, spending too frivolously. The human machine at once wondrous, special and noble in its own right is now an epic fail on a universal scale.

So, again, I have to ask...why so concerned about 2012 and this end-of-the-world future we've invented for ourselves? Aren't we getting what we asked for? Didn't the Bible teach us anything? God sent a flood to wipe out all the mischievous beings he felt were fucking things up. Maybe he/she is just a little too miffed right now to let it slide. This time, no warning.

But it's not that simple is it? We've seen the warning signs for a long, long time. They've been around since the dawning of man. Essentially, the world has been 'ending' since it was born. Just as we've all been 'dying' since we came into this world. It's the lay of the land. It's a universal law beyond physics and biology and religion and wishful thinking.

If the world is going to end, it's going to do it in its own time with or without our intervention. But somehow I feel this is nothing more than a hiccup and that much in the way the earth buried the giant lizards, she will have no shame in burying the hairless, thinking apes. And their iPhones.

(to be cont.,...)

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Rich said...

The world doesn't care about anything (in a good way) because if it did, the human/animal condition wouldn't be where it is today and where it has seemingly always been.. Screwed. Some more than others, I might suppose. Really, it is all just sick...and we live on as if this is all just fine and normal or just make excuses for it all. We have no other choice. It is all just sick.

Varying levels of sickness and matter the beauty or horror.

It really is all just sick.