Friday, March 09, 2012

Rise of the NEW Illuminati

Whatever you thought you knew about the Illuminati, forget it. Whatever you thought you knew about Freemasonry, forget that too. The Cormons used to scare me. The idea of 9 very powerful beings being able to tap into a netherworld and pull etherbeings through to this world. Yeah, I shit my pants when I first heard about it. But guess what? This is 2012. This is not the age of Faeiries when the rich elitist rewrote Druidic history. This is a time when power comes from money and influence and guess what? The pop stars influence your children. The reality stars. The mediocrity of america. The kids who never wanted to be Scientists or President. They rule the world and they rule it while undermining the devil while at the same time worshipping him. The new illuminati is underfoot. Don't believe me?

Watch this. Watch this and then hide your children. Or don't bother. It's already too late.

They said the devil would come and you wouldn't even know. Guess what? Someone was right.
I don't know if Jay-Z and Kanye West are aware of the symbolism they are popularizing, but it's old, it's ancient and it's associated with the big bad ugly.

Right about now I wish Jesus and his sandals would finally make an appearance. Or... maybe i wish I was rich enough to build a place to hide in when shit hits the fan.

If you can't spot all the illuminati and freemason imagery than you were BORN YESTERDAY!

(* I love this song)

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Rich said...

Not familiar with this stuff so did not see any dark meaning imagery. Who knows what to ACTUALLY make of recurring images through various times, cultures, organizations and whatnot...if whatever wants to communicate put it in as many different plain languages as possible all in one spot for everyone to see...rather than using obscure ways.

If this is not done, then there is no communication. More like mumbo jumbo.

Unless there is no communication actually being attempted...