Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Speak of the Devil

I've often wondered if things spoken out loud do have some power of invocation. I grew up with a very religious Catholic grandmother who believed that if you said, " I hope you get run over by a Tonka truck!" it would happen.

I did witness a few things that were at first nothing more than angry utterances. A cousin fell off a gate and down a flight of stairs after my grandmother told him he would. Sometimes I wondered if it wasn't her. My family, historically speaking, has been plagued by insinuations of Witch craft. Older people who are too close to the grave to care have often referred to members of my family as "witches".

Wish I could say I had a broom with the ability to zoom from here to Dunkin Donuts in under a second, but alas, I don't. So the rumours are shit. But the power of words and invocations is very real. So real in fact that I can't have a conversation about the paranormal without certain people in my circle telling me to stop before I "get it started" or "call something"  or "bring it out into the open".

In other words, STIR SHIT UP.

Speaking about Sleep Paralysis invokes sleep paralysis. I learned this the hard way. And have since managed to make the subject off topic in my presence. Speaking about Alien Abduction makes strange things happen. I too have witnessed this. Which makes me wonder, is it the words that invoke or the very thought of such things?

Can you invoke the DARKNESS just by thinking too much on it?

I asked my grandmother once how come every time she said something would happen, it did. She said simply that is was already going to happen regardless. So, do we speak of these things because we feel a stirring in the air? Because we know that SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES? Or, is it the other way around? Speak of the Devil and he will hear you?

It's something I am still trying to figure out, but somehow I know it all goes back to the days when words were powerful. Powerful enough to raise land from sea, set stars in the sky and perhaps raise the dead. Or maybe like the fall of the walls of Jericho, the power isn't in the thought or the words. It's all in the sound.


Rich said...

"She said simply that is was already going to happen regardless."

Probably generally correct.

bridget said...

its in the intent.

Rich said...

...grandmother is just making good educated and wise guesses about what will most likely happen.This is the easy way of putting it.

The events/motion we experience in life are false. Anything and everything that could happen and will happen...has already happened...we're just "waiting to experience it."

There is nothing that seperates us from our experience...we and everything in it are like the universe thinking (or like running a program), perhaps over and over again....some would say this equals an immaterial reality but really it is material....just not accesible to us, no more than the period at the end of this sentence can ACTUALLY touch your finger. You can't actually touch IT....and in reality the period is just a bunch of processes both in and out of the computer that create its "reality."

Rest assure though it is a material universe...again, just not one that we could be familiar with...or ever even TRULY see or touch....this part though left to be seen since it is the universe (whatever this all is) that IS THE DRIVING, CREATIVE "FORCE" IN EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING....and I mean E V E R Y T H I N G!!!

Well, the above is my guess anyway...I think it is generally correct.

Rich said...

A little further thought on this...basically imagine a ghostly world made of a material that cannot by any means be directly observed, touched or ascertained by any means. Imagine a "living icon" on your computer screen trying to figure out what the world/including him/herself is made out of....it would be quite near impossible or just not possible....it would be TOO GHOSTLY...but WE ALL KNOW IT IS MADE OUT OF MATERIALS and WORKS WITH A BUNCH, BUNCH of processes.....sort of like this....just imagine and you'll kind of have a good idea of what I am talking about...at least as far as material and immaterial.....

For the future already existing...the preschool way is kinda like imagining a LIVING VIDEGOGAME where all possible points, movements, etc, etc, etc, etc,.....ALREADY EXIST, ALREADY ARE DONE....there really is no movement per se....there really is no past, future or present per se....there really is NOTHING...per se....just a bunch of processes following some sort of coding (programming).

Imagine that....and you basically got the world in a nutshell...well mostly...because we don't know for sure is it ALL intelligently controlled (including us, of course...which is a laugh) or is it TRULY random or is it not random but not intelligently controlled...or whatever variations that could exist dealing with these.