Monday, June 11, 2012

Those Enigmatic USOs


On a cold night in January of 1644 an Unidentified Submerged Object was sighted. The Location was none other than my home town of Boston, Massachusetts. Some regard this as the first recorded sighting of a USO in America.

Not long after Captain John Chaddock's ship blew up in the North End, Unidentified Flying Objects were sighted entering and exiting the water. It was a time when people believed in Vampires and Ghosts and the sightings were given a paranormal explanation: Ghost Lights. The spirits of the dead sailors lost on Chaddock's ship.

But that wasn't all. Days later two UFO's were sighted coming out of the water and taking on the shape of a man. The fact that the sightings took place close to the wreckage of Chaddock's ship led the people of that time to believe spirits of the lost were trying to communicate with the living. Today we would speculate that USOs were interested in Chaddock's ship.

Since that time, and with no small thanks to Charles Berlitz, USO's have been just as or even more-so mysterious than their "all-air" cousins, the UFO's. The compelling thing about USO's that always seems to rankle my nerves is the all too UFO-like description of said objects.

Why would a disc-like object be used to traverse the oceans of Earth? But then again, I am the same person who believes if anything really did traverse several galaxies to get here, it wouldn't do it in shiny FEDERATION grade space vessels, but would instead have the intelligence to move about unnoticed in a machine resembling an asteroid, meteor or even a small moon.

So why not traverse the Earths oceans in a vessel built to resemble aquatic life? Discs in the ocean just doesn't seem logical to me. Especially if we are talking about a possible aquatic race that may have been here for thousands or even millions of years. You would think they had advanced to the stage of travelling in biological aquatic ships that at first glance would appear to the casual observer to be nothing more than a whale.

Which brings me to the legend of the NINGEN.


Sometime in the mid-1990's stories of a colossal, albino humanoid sea creature sighted in Japan, began circulating the web. Some grainy and some obviously fake pictures and videos made the rounds but there was never any definitive proof of such a creature.

Still, it makes you wonder. If the ningen is an actual 'thing', could it very well be what I have dubbed the 'smart' USO? That is: a sea vessel that blends in (or at least is trying to blend in) with the surrounding sea life.

I vaguely remember a USO case in which a diver spotted two large humanoids exiting a crack or crater in the ocean. They wore no breathing apparatus and they were nordic-like in appearance. I wish I could locate the story for more in-depth clues to the habits of such beings but I can't.


In 1997, the U.S. National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration recorded a mysterious !BLOOP! The mysterious sound was detected off the coast of South America and was detected more than once. The NOAA admitted the sound resembled that of an unknown living creature.

The sound was later speculated to be Ice calving in Antarctica by a Dr. Christopher Fox, but the NOAA has since recorded five more unexplained sounds and named them!

If the Mysterious BLOOP is NOT ice calving, could it be from a living creature larger than the Blue Whale or perhaps an actual recording of a USO?


Ghost ships. The Bermuda Triangle. The Dragon's Triangle. Amelia Earhart. Atlantis.

The sea is full of mysteries. USO's may be responsible for all of these legends of the great, blue deep. Or none of them. For ages, navigators have reported sightings of flying dragons, strange balls of light, floating ships with missing crews, and flying discs.

USO's are a very old mystery. And yet for a mystery so old and recorded in the annals of some of the greatest men known to traverse the worlds oceans, not much, if anything is known about these mysterious objects seen entering and exiting our seas. Which brings me to this: Maybe they have discovered a way to hide in our midst. Maybe traversing our oceans in the guise of aquatic life isn't necessary because even when metallic discs break the surface and jettison out of our atmosphere, we still refuse to believe.

That is the greatest disguise of all. Living in plain sight.

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Rich said...

Interesting thing I think about USO's, at least those that break the surface of the water, would be that there is less likelyhood of was under the water and came out of the water and into the air...looking sort of disc shape in most cases...this would not be a bird, a plane, or whale, or some atmospheric/cosmic effect...nope.

Yeah, no need to hide though because if it is the government, we'll blame it on the aliens and if it is the aliens we'll we could blame it on some government experiment or perhaps just call it a kite, bird, plasma, cloud, etc...take your pick.

Yeah, no need to be perfect in hiding.