Friday, May 09, 2014

Will religious beliefs hinder Extraterrestrial contact?

As human beings, no matter what continent we hale from, our beliefs stymie progress. So to believe in god is to disbelieve everything else. The lord said not to believe in other gods over him and Christians take that command seriously. And it is because of this stunted thinking that may hinder our ability to accept Extraterrestrials whether our gods are the same or not. Which is why I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion at IO9.

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Rich said...

People largely use emotions, follow/believe what the next person says (especially if that person is a "scientist," or what someone or group has published or really just because so and so said so), and yup, generally lack broad knowledge and the drive/skill to research answers to things...especially to those things that require more specific knowledge to form a better or correct decision. Add in just a lack of critical thinking and well we have a fantasy land. Side note: The best computer programmer is very likely not the best person to go to for deciding whether some bridge is stable enough after 25 years of usage. Some subjects require EXTREMELY SPECIFIC knowledge and are best left to the professionals...or at least hoping these professionals indeed have all the good qualities (see above to get some idea) one would want for making decisions on matters of such great importance. PS "I don't know" is one of the best phrases right alongside "I was wrong" to ever come about...too bad they are largely unused by most of us.