Tuesday, May 13, 2014

H.R. Giger passes away at 74

My grandmother always said if you mixed yourself up in the macabre, it would most certainly come back to bite you in the ass. I'm sure superstitious folk will look at Giger's death (an accidental fall down the stairs) as confirmation from the dark side. But for me, it's a tragedy in the life of a man who fueled some of my best nightmares.

Giger inspired me to write darker and delve deeper. He didn't hold back when he created his art, no matter how shocking the image. Giger took whatever was in his head and put it out in the world so that it would invade your mind... linger in your head... visit your dreams.

Maybe he didn't want to be the only one exploring such taboo topics of ultraterrestrial sexploitation. In the day and age of repressed, angry people, it's nice to know someone as brilliant as Giger had the power to make us all a little uncomfortable. With ourselves.

Rest in Peace.

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Rich said...

Yeah falls seem to happen more often as we get older and/or we are just more prone to die from them at least. Keith Crisco, a Democrat who ran for Congress against former "American Idol" star Clay Aiken, just recently also died as a result of injuries sustained from a fall. He was 71 years old. Did not know this Giger guy but yeah I guess I have seen some of his work in at least the movie Alien. Side note: Perhaps you should have a blog where you publish some of your deeper and darker writings. Some of the stories you have presented as true are somewhat interesting, though I still think there is a non paranormal explanation for them. Also, perhaps you write fiction as well.