Thursday, July 10, 2014


IT'S VERY RARE THAT SOMEONE AS PROMINENT AS RICHARD DOLAN WILL SPEAK OUT ABOUT THE VAGARIES OF UFOLOGY, which is why this interview is so refreshing. Dolan says what we are all thinking regarding the certain 'characters' that pervade Ufological circles. I mean, everyone has their quirks and it's best not to knock them for being different. Quirky people make the world go 'round. Myself included... but as Dolan so eloquently puts it, you gotta tone it down.

We all bitch and moan about how Ufology isn't being taken serious. About how the mainstream pokes fun at Abduction scenarios and mass sightings. Everyone's just going bonkers, they say. Which is why it pays to represent the field with a certain austerity. You can't show up to a UFO conference looking like the crazy uncle who lives in the shed in the back yard.

Even if you ARE the crazy uncle who lives in the shed in the back yard.

The fact is simple, fake it till you make it. But mostly, as Dolan touches on and makes a fair example, in regards to his own good health, good health and hygiene, not to mention having a life outside of the field, is essential.

When it comes to Ufological studies, there seem to be way too many kooks in the kitchen, no matter how intelligent, no matter how enigmatic, if the mental health isn't up to par that can be a problem too.

I honestly, truly enjoyed this recording. Everything I myself considered a hinderance to our goal of seeking and finding answers to our greatest mystery is touched upon by Dolan and it is refreshing. In sum total, he is right: We do need brave, articulate people representing. Damaged people who need to look deeper into their own inner conflicts are perhaps not the best people to represent this on-going enigma.

I'm not judging. Neither is Dolan. But let's face it... the World-At-Large is!!!



Regan Lee said...

Haven't had a chance to listen but will soon! Love Dolan, one of the best. Love your line about the crazy uncle in the shed. I linked to it on the Orb.

Tina Sena said...

Hello Regan!!! Yes, he is one of the best! You gotta listen to it! And thanks :)

Rich said...

I like it when people who are speaking matter of factly stick with the facts...are there ufo/uap or whatever out there...absolutely! What is any one of them?...hard to tell, that is what makes them unidentified. Are there aliens visiting earth? POSSIBLY...not a sure thing. Are there aliens that have visted earth in its history and/or had anything to do with us/life/earth...POSSIBLY....again, not a sure thing. There are unexplainable stuff to support either or both of these notions but just because something remains unexplained does not, of course, mean aliens. Also, just because something is said in some document, does not mean one can ascertain all kinds of "alien truths" from what little or whatever info may be presented in it...also, the document, of course, could be fake. Same goes for what any "reputable person" may present as some alien truth...whether some cop, military person, astronaut, etc, etc....or like in the case of Buzz Aldrin/Apollo 11 that what he said was taken to mean an actual alien spacecraft by some....taking things out of context or not getting something much further clarified. I do like the research Richard Dolan has done on the history of UFOs...especially when just sticking with the facts, as best can be ascertained without speculation. It is ok to speculate and talk about aliens out there....just make sure you say you say you are speculating otherwise provide CONCLUSIVE PROOF that there are indeed aliens here. I have yet to see any....though there are indeed some PERHAPS PERHAPS strong indications there are and/or has been. Strong indications do NOT EQUAL there are indeed aliens!!!!