Monday, May 03, 2010

American Ironicle

So there's this article over at American Chronicle and it's about ALIENS. Creepy, scary aliens that may or may not resemble 'V's. According to this same article, an extraterrestrial entity abducted an 'Earth' Woman and showed her stuff. He didn't harm her in any way. He just showed her stuff.

He lived in Maryland, even though he was said to have come from Delta Pavonis (his homeworld being the 4th rock from the sun). And to make things even dumber, he was called a Septeloid. Sept means seven, and I honestly don't want to know what he had seven of.

Yeah, I know. It sounds like I'm being all skeptical about this tale. This yarn. This story of one lone STARMAN, coming to earth to abduct a woman, so he can show her stuff. Gosh. C'mon people. Do I really have to point out the obvious? Not saying that it didn't happen. Just sayin' that right now there's a remake of 'V' and Stephen Hawking is telling people Aliens are bad, and NASA holds a conference to smooth out their whole 'Aliens-don't-exist-but-they're-cool-to-talk-about-if-you-have-a-phd-and-look-like-you-never-get-laid' ideology.

So Jimmy Carter knew about a dude from 20-light years away who came here to show some 23-year old Government worker stuff. And they let him go. They let him leave. Hell, he could come back with a freakin' cavalry! Oh, wait... I'm starting to sound like Stephen Hawking.

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