Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Maria Pena's thoughts on Scientists with Twitter Ego's


Some scientists think they are promoting "critical-thinking" and, therefore, everything out of their belief system bubble is highly criticized by them in a very rude way. The people I've seen following this practice some are sort of famous and have their own TV show, which makes it (in my opinion) even worse.

Out of the blue, these so-called "critical thinkers" start criticizing, in a very rude manner, to other people that believe in anything they don't believe in like God, or start making fun of people who claim to have had a UFO sighting.

They are so sure that God does not exist ... wow! Hey, I am not a religious person and, personally, YES, I believe in the existence of God and creator. But here is the thing; if you claim that God does not exist, for me that sound like you have answers to all the mysteries in the world.


Deirdre said...

Ah, but what if their claim is not that God doesn't exist, but instead that God makes a mean raspberry tart?

I should probably go pour my coffee.

Interesting note: Hawking doesn't completely throw away the existence of a 'creator'. I don't believe Sagan did either. While I am less surprised to find something like that out about Sagan, I did a double take when Hawking mentioned it.

I was thinking along the same lines as Marla, the other night, every time I saw Shostak smirk and chortle.

Deirdre said...

PS I really liked your Esotericana article. It is very similar to my opinions on the uproar created when Stephen made his statement (which I believe was a general one and not actually suggesting that it would really happen *here*, only that it *could* happen somewhere).

Rich said...

How this ALL works and EXACTLY what is this ALL are still up for grabs and whether there is a creator(s) or not is still unknown.

Of course, as soon as one brings up a creator, then it logically follows who or what created the creator. It is a "lazy way out" to say well "this creator is beyond our comprehension" and therefore cannot be known and doesn't need to be created. Or, worse yet, to me anyway, to profess you understand and know this creator, if again, there is indeed one (or two or three, etc). I'm lucky if I even know my family members or good friends. Think about it.

To each, his or her own though, whatever floats your boat...as long as you're not hurting (mostly in a physical way I'm talking) and killing people. Sticks and stones may break my bones...

It is also a "lazy way out" for a scientist or science to say it is meaningless to ask what happened before the big bang or what existed before then, because before then time did not exist. Although, science is trying to look into this stuff thankfully.

Now, so where does this leave us?

Well, I believe in looking into things and trying to find out what they are and how do they work. Practical truths (what I like to call them) that are VERY hard or perhaps impossible to dispute. I call them "practical" because maybe "somewhere else or some other time" they may not be true. Maybe somewhere else clouds are called water...get my drift?

A belief being practical ONLY insomuch as you (and perhaps others) BELIEVE you are right, as opposed to KNOWING.

Here are a few examples of KNOWING/truths:


Area of a circle = PI r2

The oceans here on Earth are mostly H2O.

Here are some examples of beliefs (which IF given enough FACTS (or truth) could be presented as a hypothesis or much less likely a theory):

There is no such thing as free will.

Aliens definitely have and/or are visiting the planet earth. (If a person sees an "alien" then it is only a truth to that person...not a practical truth that could be KNOWN and used by ALL...besides, who is to say the person wasn't fooled somehow or lying or whatever AND just as important, what do we mean by an alien?)

Anything made with chemicals is bad for me. (Water is a chemical)

Only natural things are good for me. (Cyanide occurs naturally)

Guns kill people. (Very unlikely without an operator and being loaded...take a look at your kitchen knife)

Hot peppers themselves, if I eat them, will actually burn my insides. (no)

I saw a "spaceship" therefore "aliens" must be here. Or, hundreds see a "spaceship" and therefore the "aliens" are here.

Hopefully, I didn't make any errors in the above and I think you get my point.