Sunday, May 16, 2010

The (NO) God Delusion

I should be in bed. In fact, I am in so much pain it's all I can think about. Bed. But if I go to bed without getting any of this out, It'll all fade into the world where dreams and reality collide. Trust me it happens. All too often.

You see, a few days ago I had surgery. I seem to be Fates 'soon-to-meet-the-maker' list. I have a problem that just won't go away and yeah, it angers me. When I was a kid I imagined I'd live to be a hundred and ten. But I watched my grandfather die all too young, when he should still be here, and so I don't put much faith into fate. I didn't put much faith into anything I couldn't see, touch, taste or smell. 

But you gotta grow up sooner or later.

It's one thing to walk through life never having had that brush with your own mortality. To wake up and go to bed every day knowing that everything's eventual. To never have to look the end in the face over and over. Nope. Some of you are just too damn lucky. And that's your problem. Because you started getting a little too proud. Too ahead of yourselves.

I'm not saying there aren't people who haven't looked death in the face and decided once and for all there is NOTHING to look forward to beyond this, but notice, those people are the ones with the NEGATIVE experiences. They see all they've put into the universe, coming back at them and they realized it's not good. They expected someone/something to step up and put in a good word for them. Well, apparently that ain't how it works. So some get bitter. Some go atheist.

And then some become like me.

The first time I had surgery was pretty much the same as the surgery I had the other day. Pink Tunnels. Yes, I saw pink, spiraling tunnels, warping passed me, faster than the speed of light. I was traveling to where, I still don't know. And to tell you the truth, most of the trip is a blur and completely lost to me. Maybe for ever. But what I do remember is knowing that someone was looking out for me. Traveling alongside me and making sure I made it to the end of the trip. It was an entity that was neither male nor female, but could have been a mix of both. It never left me even as I traveled so fast I thought we would part.

As my unseen/unknown companion traveled with me, I became aware of others in the tunnel. It was a bright pink tunnel with no trace of darkness or evil or fear. It was like being in a spaceship, traveling through a nebula. The voices in the tunnel told me I would be okay and the entity beside me revealed itself as the 'thing' I thought was God. But it did not brag or impress its greatness on me. Instead it stayed with me, asked me if I was okay and while we traveled together through this tunnel, I remember asking, over and over for Superpowers. Yes, even in a tunnel in between life and death, I still wanted to be a superhero.

I'm not sure what answer I got, but I made it out of the tunnel. The entity/God told me I was done and that I could open my eyes now. I did. When I looked up I saw the doctors in the corner conferring with one another. None of them notices I was awake. But I was happy to be there.

A lot of smart men have been telling us for a long time there is no god. God is a delusion. Yet they can't seem to explain why we are biologically programmed to believe in a delusion. What good has it done us? I say, what if we are not 'programmed' to believe in a god, but instead, what if we were given a special 'way' of communicating with a god? What if that's what separates us from the rest? The fact that we have the ability to see the man/woman who wasn't there?

(to be continued...)


iZombie said...


Rich said...

Why would a God (or gods) bother to comfort some people with good words, etc, and yet still leave suffering and death in this world? Let us not forget about other creatures as well...dolphins and the related, apes and the related and our various domesticated animals. And what about cows, etc, etc, etc?

I find all of this FAR BEYOND sick. And, to the contrary, there are plenty of people that come up for "good" reasons to explain this all away.

Let me make this straight. If there is a great God (or gods), true suffering and death need NOT be part of the world, yet they are a part of it. Now, what this tells you depends on how well one can delude themself, as far as I'm concerned. Humanity seems to do a great job of deluding itself though.... both collectively and individually.

Now, on the "bright side" of things maybe we are all living in some school or "basic training" ( sad, what else can one do but laugh) or some experiment (wow, nice job?????????) or some sort of convoluted mess so that we can carry our great bodily experiences into the other world(s) (save it, please).

Really, I have no EXACT TRUE idea of what to think of this ALL? I have no idea...and that scares me. And it SHOULD scare you too (whether you are a materialist or spiritualist or whatever). I have a feeling that most people are so deluded with the "right" answer(s) that it doesn't though.

Besides, "PROGRESS" is being made, either individually and/or collectively. Maybe, a cure for ALL cancers for those in the future, never mind those gone past....they (like you and I) were the toys, I mean, "good soldiers"...PROGRESS.

This, whatever this ALL is, exists for itself and we, as "woven parts" of it are only along for the ride. How much of an influence we have "over the whole" based on what I see and have seen...very little, if any.

I cannot see a world like this...given true choices.

But, apparently, a lot or most people can.

Like hammers that always hit the nail right on the head...until they break.

Or until the one doing the hammering breaks.

Or were they just both broken, no matter whether the nail was hit on the head or not?


"...we are all living in some school or "basic training" ( sad, what else can one do but laugh) or some experiment (wow, nice job?????????) or some sort of convoluted mess so that we can carry our great bodily experiences into the other world(s) (save it, please).

Whatever...doesn't matter. The world goes on and on and on, yeah, you get the point. So really, what does it all matter?

A cure today for what rotted and killed you yesterday.