Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stupid rocks

No offense to the MARS enthusiasts. You know the kinds---they have entire websites dedicated to MARTIAN ANOMALIES---who can see something in every picture. Chances are I've been to your site and I've seen the pictures, over and over. Not only because the Martian surface is beautiful and awe-inspiring.

I visit and I stay and I stare until I go blind, because I'm trying to see the shit that isn't there. The things you say are there that no other person can see. The wishful-thinking-rock-that-looks-like-something-but-isn't.

There's the 'supposed' Robot in the Victoria Crater. There are the 'beings' that have been airbrushed out of the Rover images, so all you see are rocks and smudges In fact, all I see are rocks!

Do the rocks shape-shift? Is Mars home of the shape-shifting monster rocks? Is that any stranger than most of the other things people claim to see on the Martian surface? And don't get me wrong, because I am not knocking you. Maybe you do see something? My eyes---your eyes---are different.

Maybe that little alien in the top hat, driving a BMW is there and I am just not gifted enough to see him/her/it. But then again, maybe you're just looking too hard. Maybe your seeing things that aren't there at all.

The worst part is, this isn't helping to elevate research into Mars and the anomalies I am certain exist there. It just makes Martian enthusiasts look crazy. Crazy isn't bad, really it isn't. But crazy and Mars in one sentence... it's just ammo for those who don't believe in anything at all.

So next time, hold back until you're certain. Most of the time, no matter how anthropomorphic they may be, they're just ROCKS.

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Rich said...

Yup, just rocks or whatever, that some of it may deserve further investigation or at least better least as far as what is released to the public.