Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alien Mom or just the norm...

Granted, there are a lot of weird looking people in the world. I know some of them personally. But do I think they're aliens? No. Unless they are. Which I wouldn't
know. Of course.

Anyhow, the above picture is 'supposed' to support the theory of Hybridization
or the interspecies mingling/interbreeding between EBE's and Humans. I'm not
so sure how this is possible if they aren't anything like us genetically. So, for
arguments sake, if they can breed with us, then we have to be related. Which
all goes back to my belief that they are us.

So, in essence. She's not an alien at all. She's just ... a weird looking human. Or,
if you're from that region of the world...she's very normal looking(?)...

...and, I need a coffee.


Deirdre said...

Like you, I think this picture supports the theory of humans fucking humans.

Tina Sena said...

LMFAO! I heart you!