Friday, July 02, 2010

Ball Lightning: All in your head (Like Bad Porn)...

Ever seen 'ball' lightning?

Ever wonder if it was just your electromagnetic superpowers interfering with the Maestro's Universal Master Plan? Basically you're hallucinating. And get this...the same cause for 'hallucinatory ball lightning' is going to be the next (but not new), explanation for why we see UFO's.

Science. Gotta love it. Especially when it's used to propagate an agenda.

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Rich said...

We're all participating in an agenda of ignorance...since the very beginning. Who, what, where, when, why and how? What's the difference, who cares, I mean life is such that a cure today was someone's suffering and death yesterday. Besides, a beautiful life awaits those who have been good or something along those lines. Well, how about a beautiful life here (past and present?) Oh wait, we have to kept in ignorance and babies set out to be serial killers and rapists and oh, by the way, volcanoes, earthquakes and various other "natural disasters" and things have to cause suffering and death as well. Yup, if ignorance was a dime a dozen, the world would be rich with WHATEVER...oh wait, it already is.

I just had to say this stuff because of WHATEVER. Besides, whatever is whatever is whatever. You know what I mean? Whatever.