Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anybody got an old Speak N' Spell I can cannabalize???

So SETI is going about it the wrong way. Naw really? What this article narrows down to is the idea that signals from Advanced, Intelligent ET's would be short and sweet, like text messages (only without all the misspellings). Because they're trying to to keep the costs of their GREAT, VAST, INCREDIBLY GOD-LIKE technological advances at an all time low. They're saving all that money for FUEL!

The Benfords suggest a continuous signal blared at thousands of stars would simply cost too much energy. They say aliens might use short bursts say, anywhere from a second to an hour long and point these signals in narrow beams at one star and then another in a cycle involving up to thousands of stars that repeats over days or years.
For civilizations that constantly watch the skies, the bursts would convey enough data to be recognized as undeniably artificial. As observant civilizations concentrated on this simple beacon, other beacons could broadcast more complex data at lower power (assuming the aliens were still pursuing a frugal strategy).

If I don't expose the 'stupid' then who will? Oh right...the smarter people.

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