Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gravity doesn't ex---wait... What?

According to Erik Verlinde (String Theorist and Professor of Physics @ The University of Amsterdam *cough*), gravity is an illusion. You can read his paper on the subject here. What I think he is saying is that Gravity as we know it just isn't, well, Gravity. And the ideas we have about it are hindering our progress as far as understanding the way the Universe works goes.

He's not smoking anything. I don't think. He's just saying it like it is and of course the media is blowing it out of proportion. He didn't say the Earth was flat people. All he said was the reason you are rooted to the surface of the Planet needs to be re-defined and refined in order for further and future endeavors to be made.

We must make strides my fellow humans (and Robots, Aliens, Dolphins and Unicorns). It all starts with revolutionary thought. Read what the man actually has to say. Word for word.

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Rich said...

I could not understand this paper...far too scholarly for me. Having said this, I tend to go along with the idea of some sort of holographic universe. Thankfully there is experimental research going on in relation to this very idea.

Here is a link: