Monday, July 12, 2010

Syfy's attempt to delve into the mystery of Area 51 made of FAIL

Maybe I'm just disenchanted altogether. I can accept that. But what I can't accept is the fact that I watched "Inside Secret Government Warehouses: Shocking Revelations" on Syfy, and was anything but shocked. Annoyed maybe. Perplexed. Not shocked.

And why would I be? I've heard and seen all this shit before. Maybe it shocked a few arm chair newbies who up until tonight thought 'Wright-Patterson' was a Rock band. And I will say that the effort to get more from the Government (as far as answers go) was kind of noble, but still. Same. Recycled. Garbage.

No offense to Lester Holt and the Researchers who stepped in to get some answers, but c'mon...they tried this like 15 years ago and some years later, they still got nowhere. I do applaud the effort. I do applaud the interest. But for the life of me I seriously don't get it.

Area 51 is like a bad itch that won't stop irritating me. It's the gangrene cousin of Roswell. The things that seem to always captivate you but for all the wrong reasons. The secrets that are meant to be secrets. The Pandora's box of our lifetime. At the end of the say I just want to turn off the tv and ask, "Who gives a shit?"

But that sad thing is I do give a shit. I just don't have the power to do anything about it.
If there was one intriguing aspect that kind of compelled me to pull the chair a little closer to the tv, it was the 'Mandible of Unknown Origin'.

The lower jaw cast taken of an unknown creature (one that even an expert couldn't identify)---after death. The story of the Dentist who made the cast. The fact that it was in a vault, waiting for someone to ask, " Hey, you got an alien mandible in here?"

Like I said, intriguing.

Then there's the Vatican and its 'special-not-so-super-secret-library'. I am not going to lie...someday I want to walk in there, smell all those old parchments and sit down as a scholar run my hands over half of those priceless bound mysteries. But still... Dan Brown is a bad influence. He writes about a Vatican Library and all'a'sudden it's the stuff of legend like the imaginary Pentagon Warehouse from Indiana Jones.

I must say Hollywood kind of fucks everything up. It sets the bar too high for mysteries that really aren't that mysterious. Independence Day did Area 51 in. For good. Now we will always think there are spaceships from some Galactic empire being R&D'd down there.

"You let us fuck around on your planet and we'll let you take apart our really old and useless shuttles that even the Queen of the Universe wouldn't be caught dead driving. Sure..."

Yeah. I'm bitter.

Blame Syfy.

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