Friday, December 10, 2010

Creepy humanoid caught on deer cam

What catches my attention immediately about this story is the  fact that I've had people describe
similar creatures in the woods. In fact, the details are astonishingly similar. Humanoid. Pale. Bald.
Glowing eyes. Skeleton-like or frail, elongated limbs. So if it fact or faked? You decide.

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Rich said...

Here is a link to some info on this image (unchecked for veracity/accuracy but seems to be ok):

Rich said...

Here is a link to an analyses of this (certainly seems worth reading comments as well)

Also, the above page has link to this youtube clip which seems to show the EXACT same creature:

I haven't checked into this video clip at all, in case it was already proven a hoax. If a hoax, again it seems the EXACT same "creature" was used.

More info needed, especially regarding the video clip.

Interesting though.

Rich said...

Ok, video clip seems to be some sort of promotional thing: (scroll down a bit to read story)