Friday, December 24, 2010

Marfa/Ropen Connection...

Phantoms and Monsters blogspot ALWAYS has something interesting to read. Even if you don't agree
with it, you can't help but think about it and then go back and read it again. The Marfa Lights/Ropen-Pterosaur connection isn't anything I haven't heard before, but it sure has never been this in-depth or absorbing.

Read it. It's awesome.

As usual.

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Rich said...

Interesting. I'd like to, at LEAST, see some clear and close video caught of any type of cryptid. Maybe hand very portable cameras to the local natives of these remote places to try and film them...with rechargeable batteries (use solar generators to recharge?).

In any case, verbal accounts/stories (while perhaps interesting) need to be backed up decent enough to TRULY get any real attention. Otherwise, "when the sun sets" all we are left with are basically just stories, no matter how similar they may seem or be.