Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Third Secret of Fatima

The Vatican has since washed its hands of the responsibility of telling the world the 3rd Secret Of Fatima. They've convinced everyone that the attempt on Pope John Paul's life was, in fact, the final secret. However, anyone interested in what actually happened at Fatima, Portugal can probably surmise what the 'true' 3rd secret was.

A young woman appears to three children. She's a child herself. Described as somewhere between 12-15 years of age. When she speaks her mouth does not move. She is more of a hologram than an actual person. She holds a globe or sphere in her hands. She wears a cloak. She looks nothing like the classic Marian depiction we've come to see on Franklin Mint statues, etc.

Then there is the Miracle of the Sun. Essentially, a UFO sighting. A metal/silver disc covered in lights, acting erratic...

If you ask me; the fact that the Vatican is interested in Extraterrestrial life and coupled with all Marian apparitions that have become historical events...it seems the 3rd Secret of Fatima is this:



Regan Lee said...

Tina, I agree. (posted this to UFO Mary)

Rich said...

I don't believe that what happened in Fatima was anything supernatural or alien. Are we the only (highly) intelligent creatures that have ever walked (been on the Earth)? Probably, but leave open the possibility that "others" have been and/or are here.

Filipa said...

Hello. Fatima was indeed a alien, like Lourdes in France or others. Similar aperance to Fatima occur in Germany in 1940´s. Three or four childrem saw a lady in white and then after some months occur the miracle of the sun ( that was the spaceship levitating)that was seen by 4000 people and in other locals close to then. Others places in the world occur to. If you want to know more about Fatima miracle, read the books about Fina d´Armada and Joaquim Fernandes " Celestial Secrets: The Hidden history of Fatima cover-up ". I have to tell that a girl named Carolina have a contact with a alien boy when the angel come to the children, but Vatican didn´t agree with this because they want to put some romantism in the story. We human beigs are descents from aliens, becuase hower DNA have 5 % that can´t be explained by science. We have been selected and manipulated by thousands of years to be like that race from other world. The Bible tells us about Jesus. Jesus is a hybrid, is from Mary human and a father from other planet. She was abducted and inseminated. So because they can´t explain in that era what happen, they think they were gods. So the religion born by conection with aliens that are some in fact similar to us, or we are similar to them. Don´t be afraid, be prepared when you see one day one brother from the stars. They come here to help us and we have to want them help, because we are destroing our home Earth. Be good, learn more about everything and make the good in the this world, respect the other animals, help them survive and you can achieve the spiritual level.